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What is matserve?

Matserve is an application to solve complex mathematical problems by numerical analysis There is no documentation available at the moment. Do kindly contact me at in case you want to know further about it.



There is already a pre-compiled version of the software for x64 architecture. If you are using a 64 bit pc (linux), then simply unzip the package, navigate to the directory and run matsolve by typing ./matsolve. If you are on a 32 bit pc, just recompile the source by the following.

Navigate to the directory.
Run make clean
$ make clean
Run make
$ make

Make it executable
chmod a+x matsolve

Run it by
$ ./matsolve

For plain calculations, just enter a calculation and press enter. 2+sin(PI/2)+3^2+4^(2+3)-asin(1);


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