Saumya Kanta Swain

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Important: This game requires a standards compliant modern browser. Please avoid using Internet Explorer.
If you wish to share your score on facebook, please play at skswain.in/apps/2048
Your target is to combine tiles and generate bigger numbers.
To play on a touchscreen device, select swipe option and play using gestures.
As a first target, try to get a 2048 tile.
Press the arrow keys (key board) / buttons (screen) to slide the number tiles.
New numbers will be generated after every move.
Equally valued adjacent numbers (or equal numbers with blank tiles in between) will combine and add up if moved along the direction they are placed.
Your score will increase whenever two numbers combine.
The number formed by combination during a move is the score for that move.
Please share your experience on the app facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Game2048plus


Please feel free to open a PR at 2048 | github.